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Lipstick Stained Bar Glasses and Capuccino...

These two things have led to the creation of the Lady Vap, the most amazing cleaning system you've ever seen. Cleaning with dry steam and disinfectant in one system. The inventor of this cleaning system was a bartender whose hardest task was to clean lipstick stains left on cocktail glasses. One day he placed a stained glass under the steam vent on the Capuccino machine and found that it was clean in seconds.

The result of this discovery is the creation of a powerful revolutionary cleaning system with dry steam and high temperature. The Lady Vap, the ancestor of the EV 3000i was born and sold over 5 million times worldwide.

Cleanliness and Well-being since 1975

All products of EV International Ltd. are hand-made by highly trained and qualified professionals. All components in our devices are fit together manually for precise and excellent quality.

What does Saturated Dry Steam mean?

When water is heated above  212 degrees it is converted into steam. 

At 285 degrees steam contains large amounts of moisture. Saturated Dry Steam means the water is totally converted into dry steam when the temperature exceeds 320 degrees.

Saturated Dry Steam is a specific  state of Steam in which no water parts are present. When this situation occurs in the border area between Saturated Steam and Superheated Steam.

Learn how to be Chemical Free

EV 3000i

It's elegant and sophisticated body makes it the standard for modern steam generators, using the highest quality of Stainless Steel. The power can dissolve the most difficult dirt without using dangerous chemicals.


Automatic Refill

EV 3000i has 2 water chambers: a pressurized boiler tank and a non-pressurized tank. This allows you to refill the water while the unit is operating. As a result, the unit avoids loss of pressure and temperature during use. EV 3000i has a 1 gallon water capacity.

Clean Means Healthy

The high heat kills germs and de-greases. Steaming uses no chemicals, there is no rinsing, less polishing, and no chemical residue left behind to attract more dirt.

EV 3000i can eliminate the germs you hate and do it without chemicals. 

EV 3000i

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EV 3000i

EV 3000i

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